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Nate was a wonderful, calm 2000 Quarter Horse gelding. He was a 4H / kids horse, but he had a weak stifle and could no longer jump.

Nate had found his forever home before he passed away unexpectedly. To his forever family...we too will miss Nate the Great. We hope he is finally running free in the fields beyond the Rainbow Bridge.

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2007 Tennessee Walker Gelding. Any donation to help this guy would be greatly appreciated. Despite our efforts, SCR couldn't undo the many issues and injuries that were inflicted upon Niko by uncaring humans. Rest in Peace, you deserve a better place. <3 2/174/17

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Phantom is a 13yo, 16.3hh, draft cross gelding paint, shy and timid yet easy to handle. Phantom's vision is not the best, however he is a beautiful boy that would make a great companion horse. Paddock with run-out is ok, does well inside too. Trailers well. Click here for a video of Phantom


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Phoebe is a sweet 1992 grey Trakehner mare, approximately 16.2 hh, who is retiring from the life of a lesson horse. Phoebe made her journey to the Rainbow Bridge, February 2014. She was a great mare who will be missed by all.

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Prospector\'s Quest

Prospector's Quest - known as Maxx around the barn - came to SCR in rough shape. He had fractured sesamoids in both front legs, torn suspensory ligaments and had the start of degenerative joint disease.

After a year of extensive rehab, Maxx recovered from his injuries, and is now happily living out his life as a companion.

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2000 Stanadrdbred 16.1hh, Ra-Vi has a great personality and one that we all enjoy being around. Ra-vi still needs some conditioning to carry him forward, but he did great on a mini trail ride this week. Ra-Vi drives and takes a rider, willing to learn to rider commands, he is sound, stands, baths and clips. Ravi crossed the rainbow bridge, and will be well missed by all that loved and cared for him. <3 10/17 Videos soon to follow. Click here for a video of Ra-Vi


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Rocco is a bay Thoroughbred gelding, approximately 16.1 hands high who came to SCR while recovering from an injury to a suspensory ligament.

Rocco was on the road to recovery when he re-injured himself while playing in the paddock, and we talked to his original owner - she decided to bring him back to her farm for his retirement. Rocco crossed the Bridge in late 2013. Gallop on, good friend.

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Satin was a 1978, 15.2h grade horse mare who came to the Ranch because her elderly owner could no longer care for her.

Upon arrival she was very underweight, but on a regimen of soaked senior feed and hay cubes, she regained her much of her weight and strength.

Due to complications from old age and colic, Satin passed away on January 15, 2007. From the months since she arrived in our care, to the night she passed away in a board member's arms, Satin knew the comforts of a full belly, a clean stall and the love of the people around her. We are glad we could at least give her those gifts before she passed.

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Ulysses, known as Scooby Doo around the barn, was a very small pony (only slightly larger than a miniature horse) whose spirit touched everyone he met. He was one of those horses who just captured your heart. Born in 1977, Scooby came into the ranch underweight and suffering from Cushing's. With proper diet and medication, Scooby lived out his remaining days in comfort at the Ranch. He was humanely laid to rest in 2007.

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Sham, or Lakota as he was later known at his forever home was older Draft horse who stole our hearts when we rescued him, and stole the hearts of everyone that met him from that point forward.

A few years after finding The Ranch, Sham began to develop cancer, and was eventually laid to rest in September 2004.

Sham, walk easily down the path to the Rainbow Bridge and enjoy green pastures on the other side. Know that we love you, we'll miss you, and we will never forget you.

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Sunrise Surprise

Sunrise Surprise (Sunny, as we like to call him) was 1996 ASB chestnut gelding, approximately 16 hands high. Sunny was a sweet guy who loved being around people.

Sunny crossed the Rainbow Bridge after a losing his battle with colic. Sunny will always be remembered for his easy going personality, and will be missed by those who loved him. We hope he is running pain free in the fields beyond the Bridge.

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea is a 1987 grade mare who came to us with a a terrible laceration. She seemed to have impaled herself along the rib cage, then ripped a foot long, 3 inch deep gash down the length of her rib cage trying to free herself. Without proper care, the tissue quickly turned necrotic and the injury became life threatening.

Thanks to emergency "field surgery" by our vet Dr. Peter Conserva, Sweets healed up with the smallest of scars.

Sweet Pea was adopted out as a light trail riding horse once she was fully recovered. Many happy trails, Sweets!

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True Journey

TJ (registered as Pokers Turn), was a 1989 bay Thoroughbred gelding, approximately 16h tall, who needed a break from jumping, due to a fusing hock. TJ was been used for walk-trot lessons and as a trail horse.

TJ was adopted out as a light riding horse and spent his last years well spoiled. Rest in peace, TJ.

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Woody is a sweet 1986 Quarter Horse gelding who is looking for a light riding home. He has no unsoundnesses or vices. Woody found the perfect trail riding home and lived his remaining days well loved.

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