Second Chance Ranch (S.C.R.) is a non-profit, volunteer equine rescue that provides quality care and placement for equines in need. Established in 1996, the main goal of The Ranch and its founders Karen and Paul Bacon was to prevent animals from needlessly going to slaughter and to find them loving homes. Second Chance Ranch animals are cared for by a team of dedicated horsemen who volunteer their barns and time to animals in need. Our foster care program has been designed to ensure that all donations go directly to the animals care. SCR accepts any equine no matter size, shape or breed. SCR accepts equines with all types of injuries, maladies and special needs.

All equines, once they arrive in at our foster barns, are evaluated to determine what special needs the animal may have and what level of skill will be needed to handle the animal. Each animal is an individual and has individual needs. Our volunteers will rehabilitate / re-train to the best of their ability, working closely with the dedicated equine professionals that donate their services to our cause.

Waiting for a “Forever Home”
As a rescue, we have some stipulations that all potential adopters must consider. We want every horse in our care to find the right forever home. We ensure that both by checking vet/farrier references and by making sure that adopters enjoy the personality of the horse – that they “click”, so to speak. All adopters must visit and work with the equine they are interested in at least once or twice, so we can be certain that there is “chemistry” between the horse and adopter.

Furthermore, we require that the barn where any adopted equine will live have safe fencing – no barbed wire – and that there is shelter and turnout available to the animals.

The Adopter’s Contract
Each adopter must sign a standard contract which grants them “Right of Possession”. This means the adopter takes on the horse’s care, but he or she cannot sell the equine and if they can no longer keep the animal, it comes back to us. That way we can ensure the horse has a safe and happy future, rather than being sold again and again, or worse. Also, we reserve the right to do spot checks, and if we find the animal is being abused or neglected, we can and will seize him from the adopter’s property. If any adopter absconds with the horse (disappears with no explanation, adopter moves and doesn’t tell us where they’re going, etc), we will sue for an amount that is agreed upon in the contract when it is signed. This legally binding contract is a safe-guard to ensure the safety and well-being of the horse. After all, everything we do is for the horse.

SCR is a non-profit organization and all donations – monetary or otherwise – are tax deductible.


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